Today is Hanging Out Day, But You Can Hang In Too


Hanging out day is fine for those in houses, but what about in apartments? In Singapore, people in apartments put their laundry on a bamboo pole and stick it on the balcony; it is quite colourful, but landlords and condo corps don't seem receptive to this in America. In Europe they have this all figured out and sell wonderful systems that drop from the ceiling like the Stewi Lift. It is up and out of the way until you need it, then drops down to a convenient level. Available in North America from ::Stenic Products. A more economical version from a North American source is the Laundry Lift, an $80 stainless steel number that can hold 30 pounds of laundry and is raised and lowered by cords. Thats a tenth of the price of a dryer, uses no electricity and you will never need a humidifier again. ::Laundry Lift

Also posting about Hanging Out Day is Ashley Cecil, "the Painting Activist" who does remarkable little watercolours as the illustrations for her posts, and sells them with a portion going to a charity appropriate for the post. She even does little fast-motion videos of the actual painting. What a wonderful idea at ::The Painting Activist

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