To Plant A Seed

The simple act of planting a tree can mean many things to many people: It can be considered a symbol of new birth and life, a natural form of art, possibly another chore around the house, and even to some just part of another landscaping job that helps pay the bills. But to a child the simple act of planting a tree can serve as maybe the first chance they'll get to care for something in the natural world that will one day grow to be taller than they are, and may well last throughout their lifetime. I think that sends a powerful message to them about their role in protecting the planet, and even our civilization. And while providing a great chance for parents and grandparents to spend some quality time with their children and grandchildren, it also provides them with the opportunity to talk about the need for clean air, providing natural habitats for local wildlife, and even the fact that trees can help store carbon to slow down global warming. Not sure how much your kids think about global warming and the environment? I'm betting a lot more than you imagine, because according to a survey done recently in the UK children named global warming and the environment as two of the top things that keep them up at night. And while I'm certain the media coverage of the issue has much to do with that, kids don't want to sit and wait for the talking heads to finish arguing minutiae... Instead they want to get things moving in a positive direction today. To be honest, I've found the kids in my school to be very much aware that their future is at stake, and that we must change the path we are on to protect it. So this time of year when it's Spring, it's Earth Day, and in most states it's also Arbor Day; you might want to consider planting a tree with a child. It's a memory that will last a lifetime for both of you, and will help ensure a brighter tomorrow for all of us...

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