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Treehugger loves our tipsters. They’ve led us to some really cool products. Hey, we even reward them with prizes. And we admit that with over 2,000 posts, it can be downright tricky to know if we’ve covered something or not. However use of our powerful search field can ease this conundrum. Give it a whirl. Want to find ‘hemp’ products? Just type the word, click and watch the entries appear. (Warning: type ‘bamboo’ and you’ll need to set aside the rest of the day!) Or you could click on the Category Headings, underneath the search box, to get a broader selection of related posts. The following tipsters were keen for us to do stories on their fav topics. To our delight and amazement we had already referenced them. Erin R wanted know about Birchwood Toddler Bikes, Yauny W was interested in the Treasure America project, while Paul L thought readers should read about the Waterwall. Maureen M reckoned Bamboosa did great stuff and Stephen B felt likewise about Looloola. But keep those tips coming and we’ll try to do the same with the prizes. ::Treehugger Tipping (NB: use the real search field, at the top of middle column, not this dummy one.)