Tip the Planet: Green Wiki for Taking Action

Like the Green Wiki and gWiki before it, Tip the Planet uses the power of community to encourage discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet. From tips for individuals about staying happy and healthy to tips for multi-national companies to limit their carbon footprints, Tip the Planet takes the increasingly popular Wiki format and specializes it for the activism-oriented. In addition to the tip itself, Tip the Planet puts its stamp on the Wiki format by fostering online discussions about the tips provided, allowing users to spend their two cents on why you shouldn't leave devices on standby and weigh in on the benefits of using energy-saving lightbulbs. Perhaps the best part is that it will continue to grow, change and become more sophisticated in subject matter and depth of coverage, reflecting the growth in green as it continues to make inroads into the mainstream. Got a hot tip? Share it with the Tip the Planet community, and you'll be helping people go a little greener everywhere. Thanks to Nick for the tip! ::Tip the Planet