Tip: Take Care of Those Holiday Ornaments

Maybe you're taking on new keepsakes like the Recycled Glass Ornaments we featured recently. Perhaps you want your favorite vintage Frosty replica to live on long after you're able to reach its special place on the tree. As a good treehugger, you'll want to make your worldly goods last. Here are some ornament care and storage tips.

Wrap them in acid free paper.

Avoid plastic: no bubble wrap or plastic storage boxes.

Though it seems intuitive to reuse newspaper to store fragile ornaments, fight the impulse since the ink rubs off.Remove the hooks before storing to avoid scratching.

Store the ornaments in sturdy cardboard boxes in dry, dark areas that are protected from temperature fluctuations.

It may seem obvious, but is easy to forget after a few glasses of family-time lubricant: hang special pieces up high so that kids and pets don't bat at or chew on them.

Before sending ornaments back into hibernation, use make-up brushes to remove holiday dust.

Any more tips? We are now on the hunt for recycled, acid free paper and ornament storage boxes. Inspired by ::News-Antique.com.