Time to Vote: Sundance Channel's "What's the Big Idea?" Contest


The Sundance Channel's "What's the Big Idea?" contest (you may remember that we mentioned it here and here) has narrowed the field of entries to the 25 finalists, and it's time to vote! You can vote once per day until Thursday, May 31; from the public vote, a panel of judges will choose the winner from the top 5 finalists. So, will it be "The Sexiest Cloth Bag Contest" or "Poop to Power"? How about "Beyond the Lawn"? Or maybe "The Grocery Vest" or "Silent Revolution" -- your votes will help decide. Go watch the videos and vote for your favorite, and while you're there, why not take a gander at the The Green Guide or the TreeHugger blog for some more green goodness. Remember: you can vote once a day from now until May 31, and your vote helps decide who gets to lease a Lexus hybrid for a year and get $10,000 to make their big idea a reality. Vote early and vote often! ::Sundance Channel's "What's the Big Idea?" Contest