Time to Take Action: A Call for Entries for Climate Change Design Solutions

A fairly common reaction to the realization that global warming is a threat and a problem that needs solving is to simply be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and fall back on the "What can I do?" approach. Thought it can be arresting, more and more workable solutions are being designed and implemented all the time. We're becoming increasingly interested in those that involve design; if we can educate and inspire those who are responsible for creating the goods and products we consume to reduce those corresponding carbon footprints, then we have to worry less about band-aiding the problem (this is the whole prevention vs. treatment argument). A few have come across TreeHugger's radar -- we covered this one by the Design 21 social design network and the Design Can Change initiative to increase global warming awareness among the design community -- and Droog Design has entered the game as well. Realizing that global warming is indeed a global problem, they're taking a very multi-disciplinary approach. From their site, "Ranging from ideas about food, heating, music, literature, fashion, architecture... anything you like in any form you wish. The 10 best design proposals will be published on our website; the public will be invited to choose one favorite and vote for an overall winner. Deadline for participation is June 30, 2007." So we invite all designers -- individuals and groups, from far and wide, with ideas big and small -- to lend the world their expertise, and help design a solution. Get more details, including competition guidelines and entry forms, from the site. ::Droog Design via ::Design Spotter