Time Out New York's Green Issue


Last week's issue (July 5-11) of Time Out New York (TONY) was the magazine's "Green Issue" and their cover really made you want to turn the page to see what it was all about. Jam packed with information about how New Yorkers can lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it also includes features about shopping, green building and sites to see, such as the Queens Botanical Garden where the cover photo was taken by controversial photographer Spencer Tunik. Our favorites included the "B.S. Factor" where TONY scrutinizes the green life and events (Live Earth included) to find the truth behind the green fad, as well as "What Shade Are You?" The latter discusses different "shades of green" and how a resident of NYC can help the environment, even if they do nothing at all or at least the bare minimum. With so many different boutiques to choose from in NYC we also appreciated their insight into where we can find the latest eco-chic. Is running for exercise your thing? You might want to check out TONY's review on air pollution — it'll make you think twice about this evening's trek. We couldn't take our eyes off this issue and it might not even be making its way to the recycling bin. All articles are available online by searching "The Green Issue." ::Time Out New York