Tiki Moon Lounge Showcases Green Products and Services Whilst Partying Hawaii Stylee

tiki moon lounge.jpg

Another date to put in your enviro-diaries, which might be closer to home than the Asia-Eco-Design Electronics Conference in Bangkok, is the The Tiki Moon Lounge on April 7 at Hula Hanks in Stamford, Connecticut. Organised by Cocktail Organico’s Remy Chevalier this evening should be a fantastic eco-fest with organic French wine and Cell-Nique Greentinis. There will be a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid on show and some ETS electric bikes to test ride. Green Label is sponsoring the event and there will be a raffle of some of their organic t-shirts. If all that doesn’t persuade you to go along then just look at the beautiful illustration, above left, by Hidenori Ishida and it’s trippy animation – that alone would get me interested! Via: o2 Group