Tiga's Travel To Be 100% Carbon Offset With Atmosfair

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We had a great time dancing to Tiga last weekend at Summercase Festival in Barcelona. Now we are even more fans of him having read that he decided to carbon offset all his future travels, similar to Radiohead, José Gonzáles, Pearl Jam or Jack Johnson to only name a few. The US company Reverb is one of the organisations that helps musicians lower their environmental footprint when on tour. The Montreal-born DJ however doesn't trust North Americans, so he opted for the German company Atmosfair, "just like DJ Richie Hawtin" he says. Tiga is right: Atmosfair has a great online carbon emission calculator that lets you work out how much your flight contributes to global warming. It then calculates how much it would cost to save the same emissions in another way somewhere else, like for example replacing diesel fuel cooking by solar energy in India or installing hydro power plants in Honduras. These kinds of projects are where the money you pay to offset your emissions goes. For more details, check out the list of Atmosfair's current projects.

The Canadian DJ promises: "as soon as I get all the official tax information, I would like to make the effort to get the whole Turbo crew "on board"." He explains with great facts why it is brutal not to do anything about the huge environmental impact of airtravel on his web site. His conclusion:

To stress over changing light bulbs or turning down the heat is all pretty irrelevant compared to burning tonnes of kerosene at 30.000 feet while I fly from America to Skopje.

What Tiga likes about Atmosfair compared to the Canadian companies (although he admits they are cheaper) is that you not only support eco projects all around the world, but you actually cancel out German carbon credits, and therefore neutralising them from someone else's use. He trusts the company because according to Tiga "Germans are biologically unable to break rules". If you trust them too, here are the prices: Tiga's entire upcoming tour, consisting of 7 flights, cost him 127€. And we agree with him that the best solution is not to fly- Tiga is thinking about Turbo sailboats to cross the Atlantic

Also check out H&M; Fashion Against Aids by Tiga. Thanks Sergio C. for the tip! ::Tiga ::Atmosfair

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