Take What You Need, Throw What You Don't


Though nobody really likes to admit it, we all have extra stuff. Junk, garbage, paper weights, dust collectors; call it what you will, we've all got it, and, even though we aren't using it, we still don't want to just pitch it. Enter, a Freecycle-type network that can help everyone have alternately less stuff (if you've got it to give) and more stuff (if you need it for free). You may think it's worthless, but someone may want it, and if you need just about anything, go look for it. Take from/give to US charities, international charities, businesses and individuals. Everything's free, and it beats chucking it in the nearest landfill (especially if it's old electronics with nasty stuff hiding inside). So clean out your basement (or fill it up), keep stuff out of landfills, and help people (and yourself) with stuff that deserves a home. via ::Gizmodo