Thrift Stores Become Eco-Hip Mecca for College Students

In what may be an unintended consequence of the growing green movement in America, thrift stores have become a fashionable way for college students who are environmentally aware to furnish dorm rooms around the country. Always a source of furniture and the like for a wide array of groups including the college-bound, they're turning to them in increasingly large numbers as a way to recycle and reduce their eco-footprint while saving a buck at the same time. And let's face it, college furniture goes through an untold litany of unseemly abuses, so if you've got to buy it anyway, why pay full price?

Take Trixie Encomienda, 17, and a freshman at the California Design College in downtown Los Angeles. While she's stuck commuting her first year, she's already picked up her bedroom set for next year's apartment share including two Victorian side tables, a headboard and wardrobe, and as she puts it "I actually got the whole set for 80 bucks."

Now she freely accepts the label of thrift-store junkie with pride, and cites pricing and the environmental benefits of reusing someone else's goods as just cause But there's the added benefit that it's also a cool way to find something just a wee bit different from everybody else's. As Encomienda says, "Sometimes you just get sick of what you see at the mall. The only way to find something unique is at a thrift store."

via:: USA Today