Three Five Zero: A Climate Change Rap for Copenhagen

At the Beijing installment of October's event, hundreds of students came together to diss climate change and school their peers about the havoc warming temperatures were wreaking on China and the world.

Meanwhile, Beijing / NY green rap luminaries Sustainable John and MC ?uestration (aka yours truly) took the stage with Huan Bao Panda to wreak a microphone or two and drop some (climate) science on the crowd. And they went wild like the habitat-evicted snow leopard. Just in time for Copenhagen, hang on to your carbon caps, remember to check yo'self before you wreck yo' ice shelf, and behold "Three Five Zero." (Chinese homies, check out our Chinese version (中文版) !)


(With apologies to Mobb Deep -- and love for other the other 350 raps out there.)

Read more about the significance of 350 from Bill McKibben,, listen to other 350 music, and read about what has planned for the climate summit in Copenhagen.

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