Three Cheers for Ted!

Warning: The video contains commercials.

Gary Portnoy, who sang the theme song to Cheers, claimed in that song that "making your way in the world today takes everything you got" so it's only fitting that Cheers's bartender Sam Malone (or rather his real-life counterpart, Ted Danson) is living proof of this credo. As co-founder and board member of Oceana, the largest international group dedicated to restoring our world's oceans, Danson is investing everything he's got into urging folks to preserve our salty surf. His primary concern:Only one-half of one percent of the money being donated to environmental organizations goes to marine life. Those of us unable to donate "silly amounts of money" (as Ted describes his own finances) can still help, by using Oceana's seafood pocket guide to become conscious fish consumers at the market and when dining out, reducing our mercury emissions, and educating ourselves about unsustainable practices like bottom trawling. If the ocean your playground, you can also get tips on how to canoe, kayak, raft, surf, and sail without leaving a mark. More videos and stories featuring celebrities taking action can be found on's new Green Hollywood site.