Thoreau's Legacy Lives On in Interactive Anthology on Climate Change

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Thoreau's Legacy: American Stories on Global Warming is the new, interactive ebook available now, which chronicles stories from 67 Americans across the United States and their personal reflections, in word and image, of how climate change is affecting the landscape they love. The best part is that it's free and available to anyone.Over 1,000 entries were reviewed to narrow down to the final 67 chosen to be included in the anthology spanning perspectives from 32 states in the United States. Contributors include, "scientists, students, grandparents, activists, veterans, journalists, evangelical Christians, artists and businesspeople" who tried to capture how their environment is being affected, as well as what it personally means to them. The writers also included personal narratives on what they are doing to counter climate change.

The book was developed, organized and published by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and Penguin Classics. Thoreau was chosen as the namesake both because he was someone who "inspired environmental champions and writers" and as someone who called us all to "pay close attention to the natural world and what we can learn from it." Thoreau's Legacy also includes a forward by author and poet Barbara Kingsolver. Just the first few sentences of her introduction and the reader finds themselves enthralled in her story. Though you know about climate change and how we have been caught sitting on our hands, you still want to read more and more as she tells the tale of our past and our future. The stories themselves are loosely organized around the themes of "Water and ice; Open spaces; Tales from Urban America; On Wildlife; Faith and Convictions; and For Tomorrow."

This is great for teachers and schools to use, as well as libraries to present to visitors, as it is free and a great resource to talk about the subject of climate change. I found as I flipped through the different stories, that I couldn't put the book down. Each of the stories are beautifully told and equally enthralling. Thanks to the partnership between UCS and Penguin Classics, you can find the ebook anthology online now for free, or you can purchase a hardcopy for a limited time, available this July. You can also download an ebook. :Thoreau's Legacy
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