Thom Yorke Lends His Voice to's EARTH Art Project


photo via AK Streeter

Beginning this weekend, in advance of the upcoming climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, is helping to promote an unprecedented global art project, EARTH. In 12 locations, artists and activists will "create massive public art installations to show how climate change is already impacting our world as well as offer visions of how we can solve the crisis." Radiohead's Thom Yorke has announced that he has added his voice to the 350 EARTH project, posting a link to the project on his band's website and saying, "The plan is to make images from the skies // to remind those in Cancun that we're running out of time // we can't keep putting this off."Yorke has that right. While some are already writing postmortems for Cancun, they are neglecting many of the achievable outcomes that can be agreed on there, like a mechanism to fund forest protection and quick start funds for adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

Yorke, no stranger to social causes, has been calling for climate action for a while. Radiohead even did an apprearence on Conan via telepresence, to save carbon miles. To accompany his solo album, "The Eraser," Yorke said:

In the paper one day, [Friends of the Earth activist] Jonathan Porritt was basically dismissing any commitment that the working government has toward addressing global warming, saying that their gestures were like King Canute trying to stop the tide. And that just went "kaching" in my head. It's not political, but that's what I feel is happening. We're all King Canutes, holding our hands out, saying, "It'll go away. I can make it stop." No, you can't.

Yorke also sent a personal message to's team:
Our Leaders and much of the lobby groups for oil and energy companies are arriving in Cancun at the end of the month, still under the illusion that we can carry on burning energy to feed a global financial model that now no longer represents the needs of the rest of us and the dire situation we face.
They are still labouring under the assumption that they can turn the tide of mother nature.

The future of the planet and all living creatures is secondary to their own system of belief.

They hide behind meaningless procedure.
False science and smear campaigns are paid for and quoted to undermine the overwhelming evidence of global warming.
Enough of this shit. There is no more time.

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