This Week on Brink: Auto X Prize Contender Illuminati Motor Works

illuminati motor works photo

The guys at Illuminati say that this frame will be "elegantly covered with the composite body shell". Photo: IMW

In case you haven't yet tuned in to the Science Channel's new series Brink you should tune in this Friday, December 12th at 10 PM—this week's show will be of particular interest to those of you interested in improving the fuel economy of our cars. This week host Josh Zepps will be profiling Illuminati Motor Works , who are attempting to win the Automotive X Prize.

Here are some of the things which Illumanati are doing on their quest to make a practical and clean car which gets 100 miles per gallon:

illuminati motor works model photo

Clay concept model, photo: IMW

On their website Illuminati describes their vehicle,

Illuminati Motor Works (IMW) "Seven" is a four seat, gasoline compound series hybrid. The vehicle has dual modular design enabling both its drive train and body components to be swapped out. This concept allows bolt on adaptation of Diesel, BioDiesel, Ethanol, and natural gas drive train and body styles including the four door sedan and truck versions. The design flexibility coupled with its other strengths will allow for quick market adoption of the vehicle.

Fuel Economy Tips That Don't Require You To Build a New Car
In the episode, however, Brink also talks to Illuminati's Kevin Smith about less radical but fuel-saving changes that can be done to stock cars: Items such as tinting the windows to reduce the amount of energy required to cool the car and moon eye hubcaps, which can improve gas mileage by reducing drag.

Background on the people of Illuminati Motor Works:

Illuminati Motor Works is a group of engineers, automotive technicians, graphic artists and car enthusiasts who have worked on alternative means of transport and alternative energy for many decades in their professional and personal lives. Our team members have built electric, solar electric, series hybrid mini Baja, natural gas fuel injected parallel hybrid, and stored are super charged fuel injected vehicles and have competed in the 1995 Hybrid Electric Vehicle and 1996 Future Car challenges. We have worked for a variety of companies including Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and GM where we did circuit and system design, programmed and completed prototyping for the EV and HEV programs.

Want to know more? Check out Brink on the Science Channel, Friday December 12 at 10 PM.

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This Week on <em>Brink</em>: Auto X Prize Contender Illuminati Motor Works
In case you haven't yet tuned in to the Science Channel's new series Brink you should tune in this Friday, December 12th at 10

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