This Month In Wired: Nothing

cover_wired_190.jpgWell, almost nothing. I have loved Wired for years, but perhaps I have changed and it has not. They were always on top of trends, but they are missing the big green one. It is not that they are unaware of green issues and sustainability; they are building the Wired Home as a green prefab after all, although they are filling it with "the latest in gadgets, gear and appliances and a BMW Hydrogen 7" and it costs four million bucks. It is just that it has become a car mag for rich geeks: everything in it is expensive, excessive and/or loud.

We need a green Wired: Long well written stories at the back, the ADD stuff at the front, with terrific ads that make you just want to run out and buy insulation and caulking, not Jennifer Anniston peddling a really silly bottled water.

Wait- there are four electric lawn mowers. "Your noisy gas mower spews out as much pollution as 11 cars" so they say electric mowers will "impress your eco-fascist neighbors". Except all they do is shift the pollution to the coal fired plant making the electricity; the only green mower is a reel mower. I take back the "almost." ::Wired


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