This Month in Wired: Not Much

Wired is so hit and miss; sometimes there is nothing to write about, other times they just get it wrong. In April they do both; just one page in the issue with anything of interest, part of the Wired 40- "The masters of innovation and technology, global thinkers that dominate their industries and point the way to the future. The 40 most wired companies in the world."

Except on the "Green Power" page, the four most innovative green companies that they can find in the world:

Sunpower, which might make a Top 40 List at TreeHugger: "Acquiring installation specialist PowerLight gives SunPower total command of the solar food chain, from R&D; to rooftop. The plan is to shear overall system costs in half, enough to let sunshine compete head-on with cheap coal-fired grid power."

Then Toyota, paying attention to the least green thing they have done in years: "How about a buff Tundra CrewMax truck - with a dashboard nav screen that also displays the view from a tailgate-mounted camera - to tow your groovy Prius? Toyota doesn't confine all that cool tech to little green geekmobiles."

and then they just fall of the edge with Exelon: "Emission caps? Carbon taxes? No worries when two-thirds of the 25,000 megawatts you produce are atom-powered. Exelon is aiming to build the first new US reactor in a generation. Now, if Uncle Sam would kindly figure out where to stash spent nuclear fuel."

and horror of horrors: Monsanto for making bioengineered corn for ethanol. "Frankencorn engineered for ethanol production is so 2006. Bring on the trans-fat-free soybeans! After years of fighting cultural headwinds, Monsanto is finally figuring out how to go with the flow. Climate-change special: drought-tolerant corn."

And I thought Fortune missed the boat. These guys fell off it. .::Wired