This Month in Fast Company: Adam Werbach Sells Out

At least that is what his former friends and clients say. "To this day, they won't speak to me," says Adam Werbach, former wunderkind head of the Sierra Club at 25, who complained in 2004 that "If they [environmental groups] don't have a plan to activate the values we share [with] the majority of Americans, then they need to move on" which is exactly what he did- to Wal-Mart. Read Jacob's (pre-Wal-Mart) interview of Adam here, the ::Fast Company article online here.

Is Wal-Mart succeeding at going green? Charles Fishman, author of the Wal-Mart effect (treehugger review here) answers with a maybe. Wal-Mart plans four energy-saving stores this year-and hundreds of conventional ones. All new stores have some energy saving features but they have not hit the targeted 30% reductions. ::How Green is Wal-Mart?


Remember the village phone? Muhammad Yunus and his innovative Grameen Bank got the Nobel Prize for microcredit, and one of the early successes was to lend money to village women to rent cell phone usage to others.

Grameen's famous Village Phone Program lifted thousands out of poverty-- and helped Muhammad Yunus win the Nobel Peace Prize. The problem: It's not working anymore. ::Unplanned Obsolescence