This Month In Dwell: Sustainability is Here To Stay

Dwel has just been getting better and better as of late, and the current issue is the best yet in its current renewal. There is a lot more online, great coverage of Jennifer Siegal at home, good coverage of our favourite sustainable vehicle, the bicycle, and a project by Della Valle Bernheimer in New York that is not single family housing for rich people, a rare thing in shelter porn.

There is an RV setup in Texas that is a great example of low impact living and affordable housing in Houston. Old White Male of the Month is Ralph Rapson; Cy Merkezas writes a terrific essay about how "If all homebuilders had to cart their materials by hand to their sites, houses might be a lot smaller.", which reminded me of Andre Lessard and Barbara Dewhirst's La Tour de B├ębelles, where they carried everything in. Great reading at ::Dwell.