This Month in Dwell: Renovate!

Dwell Magazine promotes renovation! Reuse! Recycle! this month with its usual enthusiasm and style. While the advertising in the magazine makes it look more like Architectural Digest every month with high-end unaffordable products, (like the one that asks "who would spend $59,752 on a bed?) the editors continue to show projects that are approachable and that we can aspire to, if not afford right now. There are conversions of bath-houses, women's shelters and punk rock clubs into lofts, funky room additions and and a Dear Dwell section with ten good points on how to do a green renovation from San Francisco architect David Baker.(tip: a good resourch is . DWM of the month is Elliot Noyes. Quibble of the Month: Review of expensive monster, albeit energy efficient, refrigerators. ::Dwell