This Month in Dwell Magazine

Dwell Magazine has been drifting for a while, perhaps because of the change in editor last year. However it has found its legs this month and is back with a bang. The issue resonates with TreeHugger because it focuses on small homes under a thousand square feet, demonstrating that people can very happily live with less space if it is designed well. Gracing the cover is David and Im Shaefer's 426 square foot loft (shown in TreeHugger eight months ago here); also included is Andre Lessard and Barbara Dewhirst's Tour de Bebelles, shown 18 months ago here- who says TreeHugger isn't cutting edge?

Other features worth the price of admission are a profile of Ken Isaacs, who developed a "Home in a Cube" in 1952, Oren Saftie describing his father's Habitat 67, and the wonderful Manifesto Destiny - "There is a pivotal point which an idea becomes a conversation, a conversation turns into a conspiracy, and a conspiracy foments a movement." Best issue in a long time. Not much online yet at the revamped and improved ::Dwell website.

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