This Month in Dwell Magazine


"To do creative work [the individual] must reject the vast heritage of the mediocre, and find the true values within the human expressions of the past"
-Henry Hill. Thus Dwell starts an issue on Houses with History. We often preach that the greenest building is the renovation, so it is lovely to see these projects promoted. There is also good coverage of the green buildings being built for the Beijing Olympics, and DWM (Dead White Modernist) of the month is Peter Blake.

We did like the Community building by SHoP architects: "We didn't have anything after Katrina—everything was just washed away," architect Martha Murphy says. "We wanted this building to be a gathering place, a place that would bring everyone together. A place where we could see each other, say hello, and just simply check in with each other." Dwell calls it "the harbinger of a new architectural vernacular poised to command the region." ::Mississippi Turning in June's ::Dwell