This Month in Dwell: July/August


Dwell magazine has disappointed of late; I thought it had lost its focus and was drifting toward being a sort of more modern Architectural Digest. Not so the July/August issue, titled "Always Modern- At Home with Timeless Design". In an era when so many great modernist houses are being demolished, Dwell devotes almost the entire issue celebrating some of the best of them, showing how people live and thrive in these houses today. Perhaps those Paul Rudolph houses we mourned would still be with us if there were more articles like this, if people realized that one can adapt to a work of genius instead of blowing it away because each room didn't have an ensuite.

There is also coverage of Lynn Gaffney's house (treehugger here), a Kitchens 101 essay , and they even make Phoenix look interesting, which is a challenge indeed. "Neutra Territory" written by his son, Raymond Richard Neutra, is worth the price of the issue on its own.

Dwell has a new editor: Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG, a site I have watched and admired; We wish him well and look forward to a renewed focus on modern green living. ::Dwell