This Month In Dwell: Good Design Makes Good Neighbors

The theme of the issue is the New American Home, and the three shown all have similar attributes: they are not crazy over-the-top monsters but reasonably sized, carefully crafted and modest. In Minneapolis, home of the Dean residence, people have lawn signs saying "Monster Houses Make Bad Neighbors," so Architect Christian Dean added on to a 2 storey, 1000 SF existing house.“We wanted to follow the pattern of the neighborhood." Online at ::Dwell.

There is also a wonderful profile of 96 year old Julius Shulman, who took most of the memorable photographs of the iconic case study houses; those photographs are perhaps as iconic as the houses. One of the classics below the fold.


Case Study House #22, Los Angeles, 1960 Pierre Koenig, Architect


Pierre Koenig putting on a record.