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Its like TreeHugger solar hits from the past in the June issue of Business 2.0. Todd Woody covers the big iron being built to bring industrial strength solar power onto the grid. The deserts of the Southwest have become the Saudi Arabia of Solar, with a crowd of different ventures including Stirling Energy (see Justin here), Powerlight and GE in Portugal (Warren here) Solar Systems (Warren here) and one that we have not heard of before, Greenvolts, with "microdishes that track the sun and concentrate its rays on small but powerful solar cells."


Also in the issue is a good article on biomimicry-"For all their skill and technological prowess, human engineers still can't match Mother Nature's best designs." Includes coverage of the Daimler concept car modelled on the boxfish (Mike here),and the Pax Fan (Justin here). More on biomimicry from TreeHugger here.

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