This Month in Business 2.0: Get it While You Can

Once upon a time there was a successful e-business magazine called Business 2.0 that was an inch or two thick; Time Warner was jealous and founded e-company now to compete with it. At the height of Internet 1.0 the two of them together were as thick as a Manhattan phone book. Then came the crash, the ads disappeared, and so did Business 2.0 when Time bought it and folded it in with e-company now and kept the best of both. It remained a well-written, clever and useful magazine. The August issue continues that trend, concentrating on what is happening around the world (including Todd Woody's article on a Norwegian electric car, abomidably titled "Have you driven a Fjord lately?"), Mercedes' new green diesel with the memorable name ML320 CDI, and coverage of OPD's installation of the Pelamis in Portugal.

Great environmental business articles by Todd Woody, the annual 101 Dumbest moments in business, yet I may be reading my last issue; word on the street is that Time is closing it down. Om Malik doesn't like this; neither do I, and I even joined Facebook so I could join a group petition to fight this. If you value this resource, you should too at ::Facebook

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