This Month In Architectural Record


Renovation is the greenest form of building; it is the subject of the June issue of Architectural Record. There is good coverage of the loving restoration of the Art Deco Griffith Observatory, described as " the hood ornament of Los Angeles." it is not much of an observatory anymore with the light pollution of LA washing out the sky, but "Angelenos have come to take for granted the drop-dead views of the L.A. basin from the Griffith’s formal, Beaux-Arts plan’s rear terraces and colonnade, as well as the informative, accessible displays of astronomy’s wonders inside."


they are building a new climate-controlled gallery next to the Parthenon to entice other countries to return stolen statuary, hoping in particular for the Elgin Marbles from the British Museum (dream on)


at Chicago's Museum of Science and History, they have built a new underground sub pen for their captured German U-boat, and connected it with an 80 foot tunnel to the 1893 Museum. Das Boot in Chicago! ::Architectural Record