This Holiday Season, 'Tis Better to Freecycle Than to Buy


Image credit: ShazzMack

Though TreeHugger prefers Buy Nothing Day to the sheer madness of Black Friday, that doesn't mean you have to live with less or even that you can't acquire stuff; a great way to do this is with something like The Freecycle Network (it really works!). The big day has passed, but the Network rolls on, and remains a good way to both find and get rid of stuff without having to involve any money.

The guy behind the Network is Deron Beal; he recently conducted an interview with the site -- they specialize in "making life simple" -- all about using Freecycle to help keep more than 300 tons of trash out of landfills each day. That's over 1000 tons this long weekend, including Buy Nothing Day. Check out more of what the Founder and Executive Director of The Freecycle Network™ has to say in the interview, including tips on how to make the most of giving and getting free, recycled stuff; it's a lesson we all could probably stand to revisit this holiday season. ::The Freecycle Network via