Thinking Organically Outside The Lunchbox


As "Chicago's Conscious Caterer" Greg Christian puts it, "The pizza served in my elementary school was a chewy rectangle of dough " Well, it seems he must have had similar experiences to all of us! But he's stepping up to the plate to help change all that by pioneering the Organic School Project (OSP). It's a non-profit, pilot program in the Chicago Public Schools that engages parents, school employees, professors and healthcare professionals to help instill healthy eating habits in children.The curriculum at three schools has so far included gardening, mindful living classes, and yoga. The most recent news is that they've begun feeding kids organic, sustainable food in these public schools. And while yoga and organic food may be readily accessible in charter and private schools, the OSP is now exposing low-income students to sustainable living practices that they might never hear of otherwise. And the really great news is that they've also just signed a contract with Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality, the powerhouse that feeds the Chicago Public Schools. OSP is the first of its kind in the country to partner with a foodservice company working in a public school to provide an organic menu, which is inspiring news to me! Though now I start to worry a bit I'm a teacher who's actually grown accustomed to chewy, cardboard tasting pizza for lunch on occasion. How would I ever cope with such great tasting organic school food?

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