Things to do on the Solstice Part 2: Candle Night


What a lovely idea- turn out the electric lights, relax, take it slow and light a candle- read a book with your child, have a quiet dinner with a loved one. Why the Japanese founders of this Summer Solstice holiday would schedule it on the longest day of the year instead of the shortest is beyond us (They are suggesting candles from eight PM to 10PM- in Toronto or Hokkaido, it will not be dark until close to 10) . It is organized by Daichi O Mamoru Kai (an organic agriculture and food network), Japan for Sustainability (JFS) and our favourite organization, the Sloth Club (an NGO that promotes environmentally friendly culture and lifestyle).


Turn out your lights for two hours on the Summer solstice, June 21st, eight to ten p.m.

Do something special-Read a book with your child by candlelight. Enjoy a quiet dinner with a special person.
This night can mean many things for many people.
A time to save energy, to think about peace, to think about people in distant lands who share your planet.

Pulling the plug open the window to a new world.
Awakens as to human freedom and diversity.
It is a process, finding a larger possibility of the human civilization.
By turning off lights for only two hours, we will be all loosely connected.

Let's make a "wave of darkness" spread over the globe together.
On the evening of Summer solstice, June 21st, for two hours from 8 to 10 p.m. Turn out your lights, take it slow.