'They'll Have To Get Their Hands Dirty Now'

That's what an Icelandic celebrity chef has remarked about Iceland's economy in melt-down mode - deicing like an Exxon-Mobilated glacier.

Eco-aware, earnest but pampered, they drift from organic café to bar, listening to the music of Björk and Sigur Rós, islanders who have made it big abroad. 'They will have to get their hands dirty now,' says chef Siggi Hall, Iceland's answer to Gordon Ramsay, with an effusive vocabulary to match.
Via::The Guardian, The party's over for Iceland, the island that tried to buy the world.

Dirty hands in the USA, too, may soon be a better indication of a person's prospects than the Holy Grail MBA that two-decades worth of the 'best and brightest' have genuflected to. Next up: recycling; re-using; reclaiming; re-purposing, & living smaller.At a personal level, I recall my childhood amazement at how often Dad's hands were dirty and scratched up. The women in my life had no fingernails laced with embedded rhinestones, either. Those recollections seem, in retrospect, more sustainable than what has just passed.

Check your hair shirt at future's door. Sustainability and personal responsibility go well together.

Image credit:White Oak Forge, tiny forged flower and dirty hands
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