They Might Be Giants Sing "Electric Car": an Anthem for EVs (Video)


Image credit: Particle Men

From the 100mph "wind-powered" Nemesis through the record-breaking Tesla to the more affordable Nissan Leaf, electric cars are a popular feature here on TreeHugger. So I'm not sure how we missed this one (274,000 views on YouTube tells me it's popular!), but They Might Be Giants have composed an ode to the electric car. But they are not uncritical champions of electrified transportation.Teaming up with Robin Goldwasser (the wife of John Flansburg - one half of the Giants), the ever entertaining geek-rockers perform a rousing anthem for moving beyond fossil fuels. But the YouTube blurb for the song tells me that they don't see electrified cars as the silver bullet:

"There is no such thing as clean coal, and bikes are even more environmentally friendly than cars. This video was directed by Tiny Inventions. Features vocals by Robin Goldwasser and horn arrangement by Dan "The Machine" Levine. From TMBGs new DVD/CD set Here Comes Science."

Awesome. But be warned, it will stick in your head for days.

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