There's No Such Thing As Waste: A (Surprisingly) Awesome Permaculture Song

no-such-thing-as-waste-song-photoyardboidoroony/Video screen capture

As a general rule, I tend to get nervous when I hear about a "permaculture song". While permaculture design may have brought us such genius innovations as chicken tunnel cultivation and working swimming pools growing fish and algae, most permaculture-inspired music I have heard tends to lean too heavily on worthy sentiment and earnest folkiness for my liking.

But this little number from yardboidoroony is an entirely different matter. It takes one of the central permaculture principles—that there is no such thing as waste—and weaves a danceable, fun and humorous little narrative about freeganism, rainwater harvesting and rethinking our attitude to stuff.

I suspect I'll be humming it all day.

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