The Zayed Future Energy Prize Offers Innovator a $1.5 Million In Prize at the 2010 World Future Energy Summit

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Have the latest technology that squeezes water from air using minimal power? How about a new wind energy turbine that pulls energy from the wind most efficiently? Or desalination technology that can convert brackish water to potable water using solar power?

Have a vision –– and project –– that could change the way we look at supplying the world energy?

Well take that vision and earn some serious cash for it. Step right up and apply for the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Applications are now online, and with the application date open until October 16, there’s plenty of time for submitting your plan.Inaugurated January 2008 during last year’s World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the contest prize is being sponsorship by the Abu Dhabi government.

As a legacy to the late Sheikh Zayad bin Sultan al Nehyan, the prize will go to the person, company or project that shows the best innovation and leadership in a contribution to the global need for future energy solutions.

A cool $1.5 million in prize money is up for grabs.

Awarded at the annual World Future Energy Summit, last year the prize was won by a Mr. Dipal Barua and his Bangladesh company Grameen Shakti, that markets and sells low cost portable solar energy units to poor families living off the grid.

This company was in the spirit of the theme of last year’s World Future Energy Summit that explored how countries can cooperate with each other in order to develop solutions that mankind will need to survive and even prosper, in a future world beset with climate change problems.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is open to all entrants other than: board members and employees of Masdar; and
anyone who has been involved in organising, promoting or judging the Prize.

Submissions will be ranked using the following criteria:

* Innovation: proof of cutting-edge concepts and solutions that solve today’s energy and sustainability challenges.

* Long-term vision: demonstration of ability to scale through a commercially viable or sustainable business model.

* Leadership: championing the vision in order to advance clean energy and sustainable solutions.

Submissions for the 2009 Zayed Future Energy Prize will be accepted until October 16th. Go online and fill out the application at the Zayed Future Energy Prize website today.

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