The Year in TreeHugger: Oddballs and Eccentrics


The year end review would not be complete without our orphans and oddballs, the posts that don't quite fit anywhere but go viral and hit the top 100. Headscratcher of the year goes to Justin's channelling of Douglas Adams with Man Discovers Pi Repeats Itself At The Hyper-Thousandth Level While Eating A Heirloom Tomato Sandwich in which "the meta-fractal pattern of the Green Stripe and the Brandywine tomatoes led him to infer that Pi would indeed repeat itself at the hyper-thousandth level, due to the fact that Pi could not be any more random than the quasi-repeated scalene curve of the organically-grown fruit." Of course! Poll of the day follows at end- should it be "a heirloom" or "an heirloom"?

The fourth most popular post of the year (and first non-car) was Collin's grabby title for Tired of Living on Earth? Build Your Own Island! about Reishee Sowa, who built his own island out of used pop bottles. 250,000 of them, plus some construction leftovers and bags of leaves, make up "his island," Collin said: seriously, Reishee Sowa has done something pretty incredible, and he really has a passion for a better world. "We are being faced with a population explosion and maybe building islands is the answer. This island is an example of something that could be built worldwide. You could be totally self sufficient with it. All is as natural as possible. I catch rain water for showers, the toilet naturally composts, and you can grow your own produce." Goodness knows there are certainly enough bottles to go around.


We wept, reading Justin's Off-Grid Man Jailed For Confronting Utility Company Who could not feel for William Williams, a TreeHugger from his toes to the cool toque on his head, who lives completely off the grid and is "A self-proclaimed arch enemy of utility companies, he said, he stands determined to show the world how to stretch a dollar, reduce reliance on foreign oil and live the simple life." The hydro company has an easement for a power line, but William keeps cutting the guy wire, which he says is on his property without permission and he trips on it while picking berries. His anti-utility philosophy has landed him in hot water.He's faced charged three times for cutting the guy wire securing an Allegheny Power utility pole to his property. After each conviction, he's refused to pay restitution, court costs and fines on claims the company is encroaching on his property. "I won't put up with it," he said. "I'm hard-headed."


We talk a lot on TreeHugger about the evils of fast food, but no fast food was as extraordinary as the Japan's Sweets in Disguise. In Japan, real men don't eat dainty sweets, they chomp on a burger. "There are plenty of sweet-toothed men, but many feel too embarrassed to eat elaborate cakes and the like in public. For men like this, especially middle-aged businessmen, the great thing about the sweets at Mamido's Burger is that they come disguised as fast food. Such men can now walk around town munching away, safe in the knowledge that nobody will ever suspect that what they have in their hand is not a hamburger but a cake." "The Mamido burger, for instance, which sells for ¥390 ($3.25 at ¥120 to the dollar), is a highlight of the menu. The "bun" is actually a sponge cake, the "patty" inside is chocolate cream, and the "pickles" are kiwis. The deep-fried fish burger, meanwhile, priced at ¥440 ($3.70), features a banana shaped like a fish fillet in sponge cake. It is topped with "tartar sauce," which is actually fresh cream. And the gratin burger, also at ¥440, is a sandwich with a cream cheese and fruit filling." We are quitting our day job and buying a franchise.

If you have any favourite posts for the year, let us know!