"The World's Most Expensive Oil Painting"

Photo: The Big Caption
BP Gulf Oil Spill Art
Many of you probably already know The Big Picture, a photo-journalism section on Boston.com. They put together great galleries for most big events, including the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (you can see one of those here). But there's another site that feeds off The Big Picture and creates either jokes or satirical commentary using only photo captions, it's called The Big Caption (warning: contains material that can be offensive to some) and it has a few entries about the BP Gulf spill.
Photo: The Big Caption
Messy Art
The first picture on top is based off this aerial shot of the Gulf of Mexico (taken in the waters of Chandeleur Sound, Louisiana, Wednesday, May 5). The oil looks a bit strange, with orange patches, making the whole thing actually look like kind of an abstract oil painting. And with the oil spill damages estimated in the tens of billions of dollars (not counting all the priceless things that will be lost), this mess is definitely the world's most expensive oil painting.

Look in the Mirror
The second picture, showing a poor oiled bird, says "this is your fault". It's interesting, because different people interpret it differently. Some read it as "BP, this is your fault" while others read it as "you who are reading this, this is your fault." I'll admit that my first reading was the latter, because while it's easy to blame oil companies for lots of things, we too often forget that we're the ones buying their products, and that we could easily do a lot more to reduce our oil consumption and transition to clean energy source.

This doesn't mean that BP (and the other oil companies and their sub-contractors) doesn't deserve a lot of the blame, but let's not forget to also look in the mirror.

Via The Big Caption (warning: profanities and jokes that can be offensive to some)

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