The World's Deepest Trash Bin and Other Behavior-Changing Inventions (VIDEOS)


The Fun Theory, a group sponsored by Volkswagen, believes that the best way to change people's behavior is to make it, well, fun to do so. Thus, they've designed a handful of inventions--a trash can designed to sound like the deepest bin in the world, a recycling arcade game, and stairs that play music as you walk up them. Videos of each in action after the jump.

As you can see in the video, a simple sound effect completely changed the experience of properly disposing of waste.

These stairs, which play music as you walk up them, got 66% more people to take the stairs instead of the escalator--and changed their behavior for the healthier.

Finally, we've got the bottle bank arcade. The invention drastically increased use by turning recycling into a video game-like challenge.

Now, it's hard to say how long these innovations would remain effective after the novelty of each wore off. But it's thinking like this that promises to engage more of the public in environmental concerns. Kudos to the Fun Theory.

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