The World's Biggest Photo in Aid of Orange County Great Park

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Photo: ucrsweeneyartgallery

Photography and environmentalism have a long and respected link; think Ed Burtynsky's photos of the BP oil spill and the Prix Pictet winners.

Now we have the world's biggest photograph, which is in the Guinness World Records. It is a panoramic view of an old Marine Corps Air Station, which is going to become the focal point of a new park in California.

worlds biggest photo

Photo: ucrsweeneyartgallery
First The Great Park.
The Orange County Great Park, halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, is going to be a new 1,300 acre park, located on the site of the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. The master plan for the park is very ambitious. It is envisioned that there will be approximately 375 acres of parkland and 275 acres of wildlife and riparian corridors. The city will also develop a 249-acre museum district and a 166-acre sports park.

Now the world's largest photo: The Great Picture
It is huge: 3 stories high and 11 stories long. The image depicted is a panoramic view of a portion of the Air Station. The picture is 32' X 111' and is in the Guinness World Records:

The largest pinhole camera was created from an airplane hanger measuring 13.71 x 48.76 x 24.38 m (45 x 160 x 80 ft). The camera produced a photograph on canvas measuring 9.62 X 33.83 m (31ft 7 in x 111 ft). The attempt was organised by The Legacy Project at the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA, USA, in June 2006.

Based on the principle of the "camera obscura" which was the first camera discovered in 4 BC, the hangar itself was turned into the largest camera ever made by six photographers, known as the Legacy Project, along with other artists, experts, and volunteers.

The Legacy Project: The six photographers have worked since 2002 to document the conversion of the abandoned station and its transformation into the Orange County Great Park. It is an ongoing compilation of photos, stories and videos to record this huge project. To date, The Legacy Project has amassed more than 200,000 images.

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Photo: ucrsweeneyartgallery

Given its size, the photo has only been on view twice since its creation in 2006, once in California and once in Beijing. Now it is at the UCR Sweeney Art Gallery in Riverside. Limited edition prints of The Great Picture were created by The Legacy Project to help offset the cost.

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