The Whole Foods Parking Lot Rap (Video)

whole foods parking lot rap photo

Image credit: FogandSmogFilms

Anyone who has ever fought for a parking spot in Whole Foods, or bought 6 items and wondered where their money went, will now know they are not alone. Following in the footsteps of hardcore climate science rap, and vegan black metal chefs, FogAndSmogFilms are harnessing the power of hip hop to give voice to the grievances of the organic consumer.

From anti-plastic bag raps to music videos about fracking, I am assuming that at some point the proliferation of "viral" music videos about any and every environmental topic will start to get a little old.

But given that the internet is rapidly replacing TV, it makes sense that activists and satirists alike are turning to YouTube to make themselves heard. And as someone who has had to wait to access the quinoa as another customer chats on their phone, I feel this rapper's pain. Thank you for speaking out.

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