The Week's Most Huggable


As you may already know, is a new source for hot user-generated green—a ‘first of its kind’ sort of thing to make TreeHuggers salivate with tantilization. Readers have been posting and Hugging news hot and heavy, so here are some of the tastiest morsels for your green-news reading pleasure from this ever-changing eco-jambalaya stew.

Inflatable hemp houses inspired by Architecture for Humanity
An off-the-grid strawbale monster house
A green hardware store in Berkely called Ecohome Improvement
A 32-person pedal-powered bike bus
A show seen on British tele on how water can power the future

The party is just heating up, so get in there before all the punch and blintzes are gone. Get registered, get your little Gravatar thingy up and running, and get busy. Dig through the queue, post your news picks, and Hugg the stuff you like. Don’t let everyone else have all the fun, damn it!