The Week in Pictures: Chopping Down Yosemite Trees, Pretty People on Bikes, and More (Slideshow)

bikes yosemite arctic photo

Photo: TreeHugger

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and millions of people flock there every year to take in the sights. Well, they would if it weren't for the blasted trees. Those stupid bushy things are blocking the views, so the park is looking at just chopping the trouble-makers down. Um... say what?

We also have the pretty pictures of people on bikes, news that the Arctic sea ice extent is at a new monthly record low, an eco luxury resort chain on the Indonesian Island of Bali, and more in our photo roundup of the best images in TreeHugger this week.

The Week in Pictures Chopping Down Yosemite Trees Pretty People on Bikes and More Slideshow)
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