The Weather Channel Adopts Sustainable Practices


Photo credit: Trek Earth

Over the past year we've heard of many networks looking to make their practices more sustainable. Now we have another to add to our list. The Weather Channel, as part of its "green initiatives," has built a new high def studio which will be completed in February 2008. This studio is expected to earn the LEED certification with on-air production by April 2008. In addition, the network has a few other environmental plans, such as sorting more than half (why not all?) of all disposables and taking them to recycling centers, replacing Styrofoam cups in break rooms and switching to CFL's. We're wondering why they're waiting five months to implement these smaller ideas. Weather Channel Executive Vice President and General Manager Wonya Lucas said, "Green is really the new black. We look at the world through the lens of weather, and now we're also looking at it through a lens of green." Kudos to the network, but being one of the most popular networks to report on our natural environment, they couldn't come up with a better quote? Via ::Green Biz ::The Weather Channel