The Tragedy of the Bunnies (hey, Its Easter. )


While trolling the net, Treehugger often finds environmental websites that are "fair and balanced" in the manner of Fox News. Often the only way to determine their real position is to read the reviews of Michael Chrichton's "State of Fear". It appears that some of these groups want to get at the sprouts before they become treehuggers and have created games with a message- Only because it is Easter, we present "the Tragedy of the Bunnies"Based on a dated article from 1968 titled the Tragedy of the Commons. as defined in Wikipedia:

"The cause of any tragedy of the commons is that when individuals use a public good, they do not bear the entire cost of their actions. If each seeks to maximize individual utility, he ignores the costs borne by others. This is an example of an externality. The best (non-cooperative) short-term strategy for an individual is to try to exploit more than his or her share of public resources. Assuming a majority of individuals follow this strategy, the theory goes, the public resource gets overexploited."

It is used often as an excuse for the enclosure and privatization of public resources, on the specious basis that private owners have a vested interest in protecting the environment whereas the rest of us who have to share the resource do not.

So without further ado, we invite you to waste valuable bandwidth resources to learn that private bunnies are better than public bunnies. :: Play The Tragedy of the Bunnies. [by LA]

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