The TH/Slate Green Challenge Week Four

This week marks the fourth the segment of the Green Challenge, and now we're peeking into your wardrobe. Whether you're a fashion victim or a prime candidate for the TV show What Not to Wear, the clothes hanging in your closet carry a CO2 price tag. When it comes to manufacturing our wardrobes, agriculture, industry, and commerce overlap, and that means our fashion choices make a statement about greenhouse gases as well as style. Traditional cotton is a fiber that's tough to grow, and so requires lots of energy-intensive, CO2-emitting chemicals and fertilizers. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics are typically derived from petroleum. Luckily, lots of stylish new duds made from bamboo, lyocell, and organic cotton, for example, are beginning to find their way onto store shelves, which can help you lose a few pounds on the CO2 scale. But even if you don't intend to overhaul your closet, there's plenty you can do to help save the planet when it comes to your closet. Click through to learn more. ::Green Challenge Clothing ::Green Challenge Clothing Quiz

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