The TH Week :: Huggers, We Salute You


We love green materials, furniture, accessories -- you name it, we've written about it. But the real power in TreeHugging is in the people. After all, even though it may have arms, a chair can't hug a tree. This week, our team of reporters put together a great collection of the people behind some of the most interesting TH developments in the world:

:: Christine reported on the mammoth undertaking that was The Table of Free Voices.
:: John saw that Shugi Nakamura, LED god, got his just deserts with a TED Prize.
:: Michael found a great video of Amory Lovins and his plan to save us from an oily death.
:: Erin noticed that the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver has made a move toward wind power for his restaurant
:: Warren found our last, but certainly not least, Hugger. Steve Irwin was a great advocate for the earth, and he will be missed.