The TH Week :: Cool Fuel

We know you're all busy people, and that every once in a while, you might let a day go by without catching up on your favorite Treehugger news. So, with that in mind, we've created The TH Week, a new weekly wrap up every friday covering a dominant theme you might have missed. This week, with hurricane amplified fuel shortages gripping the United States, and oil prices climbing worldwide, we had some welcome alternative energy news.

:: John has a great piece on new pressures pushing Biodiesel into the mainstream.

:: Erwan distilled the news of a possible first ever french wine fuel.

:: Kara aired out Chicago's cleaner bus initiative.

:: Michael announced the triumphal demise of Ford's Mega-Excursion.

:: And suggested you chomp on a carrot, and jump on a bike, 'cause sales are going through the roof.

Until next week, keep on huggin'.