The Sustainable Shopper's Ball in Austin, TX


For you TreeHuggers down in Austin, TX, we told you about the Soup Peddler recently and we were informed about a cool event that's happening this coming weekend, on Saturday, March 25th. From 9:30am to 3:00pm at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market, visit the "The Sustainable Shopper's Ball." It's an outdoor event that features the content of a "sustainable living fair," and the look and feel of a farmers market. With over 50 vendors and educators, solar powered rock music, free speaker workshops, green art, kid's activities, and tons of locally-grown organic food - this event is set to reach out to the eco-initiated and the eco-un-friendly alike. Other events are planned for the spring as well on April 22, May 20 and June 17. ::The Sustainable Shopper's Ball


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