The Sustainable Alternatives Network (SAN)


"The Sustainable Alternatives Network, a United Nations initiative, is designed to simplify the path from idea to implementation. It offers a tailor-made advisory service with access to local experts, one-on-one consulting, and a host of online information resources, including case studies of businesses that have successfully switched to cleaner technologies." SAN has offices in Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Peru and Tanzania. There offer an online library of nearly 1,500 case studies from all around the world. These cover agriculture, manufacturing through to urban mass transport. In the past SAN also provided a free online eight week course entitled: Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Enterprises. But there seem to be no other such studies available at this time. However you can still access almost 80 sources of funding for cleaner technologies, over 300 planning tool and quite remarkably the names of 600 experts in the field, with knowledge spread from engineering to certification. Seems like a well organised resource, with a wealth of data. ::Sustainable Alternatives Network, via Sustainable Design Award.